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                Dr. Praeger’s knows Veggie Burgers!

                Dr. Praeger’s has been creating Veggie Burger recipes for over 25 years! It all started with our signature California Veggie Burger and we now offer over a dozen varieties, so there’s something for every taste and lifestyle. Our most popular and veggie-forward options also include Black Bean Quinoa, Super Greens and Kale Veggie Burgers which are packed with real veggies and big flavor. Mushroom Risotto, Heirloom Bean and Korean Veggie Burgers are a great way to shake up mealtime with unique blends of ingredients and spices.

                Dr. Praeger’s Veggie Burgers are versatile meal makers whether served on their own, or as part of a bowl, on top of a salad or in a wrap. The possibilities are limitless. All of Dr. Praeger’s delicious Veggie Burgers are vegan, and Non-GMO Project verified. Many varieties are also certified gluten free and soy free, and all are made from recognizable and pronounceable ingredients.

                Dr. Praeger’s offers 13 varieties of Veggie Burgers.

                Click each image to learn more
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