Dr. Praeger’s Sensible Foods? Values

It’s no surprise that family values are deeply entrenched in our company where brothers work with sisters and parents work with their children, all while staying true to our commitment to delicious, nutritious plant based frozen foods made from simple ingredients.

Dr. Praeger's Supports Famers Against Hunger Image

Dr. Praeger’s is thrilled to announce our partnership with Farmers Against Hunger, a non-profit organization on a mission to reduce food waste by helping farmers and wholesalers to share their surplus produce with those in need while reducing food insecurity across New Jersey. Dr. Praeger’s will donate 1% of net sales of our new Cauliflower Veggie Burgers to Farmers Against Hunger.

Dr Praegers Inclusive Plant-Based Living Image

We’re celebrating the launch of our new virtual community for plant-based living. Inclusive Plant-Based Living by Dr. Praeger’s is a space for like-minded people to connect, swap recipes, and discover the benefits of eating real food made from plants. It’s a judgement-free zone meant to educate and inspire, no matter what your dietary preferences are. Come and see what’s cookin’!


Sense of Family

We think bringing families together at mealtime over nutritious, delicious foods is the biggest reward of the day.?We believe in nurturing the well-being of families. We are proud of contributing positively to sensible, low-stress lifestyles. We work hard to listen closely to the needs of our customers and introduce helpful, wholesome meal solutions that make lives easier–and tastier!


Sense of Community

We support organizations that share our commitment to nutrition and wellness with our time and resources. These organizations challenge us to think outside of ourselves and embrace and honor those in need.



Sens-ibly Sourced

We believe in crafting simple and delicious vegan frozen foods made with real, traceable ingredients. Our products are nutritious, simple and made with recognizable ingredients, flash frozen to ‘lock in’ nutrients and flavor.



Multi-Sense(ory) Meals

We believe eating should be an enjoyable experience. Our fathers loved good food and put a lot of effort into creating “second helping” meals for our table. We continue this tradition, making meals and snacks that offer great taste appeal for the whole family.